Improve the business value realized a new dream

We attach importance to efforts to achieve capital efficiency of the business, at least to improve enterprise value. Enhance the value of both companies to expand business choice, growth and development of enterprises, but also exibleand can lay a solid business foundation, but also can increase to achieve the dream of new investment opportunities.
The improvement of corporate value, in addition to contributing through the stock prices and a stable dividend to more than meet the expectations of shareholders, but also to enrich the research and development to provide customers with advanced products,Rebate proposal commodity,to contribute in your area, etc. as all relevant parties to return business. The improvement of corporate value will make life more stable, quality improved.


Create a flexible and dynamic company

1) Duties Interaction

We want to fully share in the company information, exchange experiences, to achieve the company’s business expansion and development, while increasing the company as a whole multiplied effect.
GOXCONN Electronic Co., Ltd. Parts undertaken task is not static but in different periods according to changes in circumstances or the characteristics of their own flexible adjusted.
Under this premise, the company should follow the company’s operating philosophy and business principles, in the same direction, to improve
their ability to do their responsibilities. Meanwhile, the company should continue to put forward new proposals for the company to contribute to
the overall development.
In the company’s basic guiding principle,GOXCONN Electronics Co., Ltd. should be shared parts from the first line of management information,
the full two-way communication. On this basis, the company should give full play to own initiative, flexible manner.

2) Encourage each other Common improve

In production, marketing, research and all other areas, both scrupulous and an attitude of friendly cooperation with customers, suppliers and partners to establish the relationship between a mutual consultations.
The so-called mutual consultations, is a solid relationship based on trust, both stimulate each other and stand in their positions continuously meet the expectations of each other, seek common development of such a relationship.


Speak out freely To challenge Best choice Original operation

GOXCONN has much to be proud of the fine tradition and culture,including the unrestrained,feel free to speak;courage to challenge,be bold in the wild charm; adhere  unique customer first,honest operation of the Road; the situation,had to play long to start a wide range of half a step ahead of the others,and even step flexible measures in this sense the "best choice, the original business," and so on.
We should carry forward the fine traditions and culture, and carry them to keep pace, as we can be proud of the advantages of the world, so that the whole world grow customer trust, worthy of all staff the proud attractive business.




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