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VGA interface transmitter, that is, VGA optical transceiver, the use of advanced uncompressed digital high-definition video and high-speed digital fiber transmission technology, can easily be computer mainframe, high-definition video signal source, high-definition dvd/dvr and other devices output a variety of resolution of the VGA High-definition video signal long-distance transmission to the remote,VGA Connector 

In order to break through the high-definition video signal can only use short distance cable transmission restrictions, greatly extend the application of high-definition video signal and connection distance, so that high-definition video wide-area dissemination, distribution and sharing possible.VGA Connector

The device is capable of switching two VGA signals from a graphics controller to a single connector and maintaining a very low 5 of the bandwidth up to 900MHz applications. 5pF (typical value) leads the power capacity. For laptops, servers, and consumer video applications.VGA Connector 

The only one can provide a complete 2:1 VGA switching switch, the device through 2 control signals to achieve high frequency and low frequency circuit independent switching. The device provides no pulse interference switching, and the bandwidth is twice times higher than the existing scheme. In addition, the device also integrates ±15kv (HBM) and ±8kv (IEC 61000-4-2, contact discharge) ESD protection, eliminating the external protection diode.VGA Connector 

The integrated switch architecture and ESD protection greatly shorten the design time and save the circuit board space and the system cost.VGA Connector

Connect with the VGA interface to the other monitor, if there is video output, there is a compatibility problem on behalf of the display and the video card, only by replacing the video card driver to try to resolve. If VGA is connected to other monitors and there is no video output, it should be a problem with the video card itself. The reader can follow the principle of soft and hard, first replace the video driver, and then upgrade the graphics BIOS. If the fault is still, it should be the video card VGA interface has been damaged, it is recommended to send repair as soon as possible.VGA Connector


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