How To Make A Memory Card Connector

A memory card connector, more specifically, refers to a memory card connector for memory transmission between a memory card and a motherboard, and the insertion and removal of the memory card directly by pressing the memory card.

The memory card connector has a wide variety of configurations, and a push-type push-type (Push-Push) memory card connector operated by pressing the memory card directly, which is provided with an insulating frame having a conductive terminal And a retracting mechanism for guiding and inserting the memory card on the insulating frame, and a shield covering the outer peripheral surface of the insulating frame. Although it is possible to provide a guide position when the memory card is inserted and ejected, it can not be locked when the memory card is inserted. In this case, the memory card is inserted by the external force by the reverse direction of the insertion Or collision, or in a poor working environment, the memory card will be loose and the conductive terminal can not really contact, so there will be unstable transmission of telecommunications, and even lead to improper wear and tear of the conductive terminal.

A memory card connector that enables the memory card to be inserted and ejected with a guided positioning function and is more capable of providing a locking effect after a memory card has been inserted, and the operation of the memory card must be reached by the memory card , Will not be affected by the external force from the opposite direction of the collision caused by loose bias, and can ensure the stability of telecommunications transmission.

In order to achieve the above object, the memory card connector of the utility model includes an insulating frame having a main body and two side edges, wherein the main body is provided with a bottom side provided with a plurality of terminal receiving grooves and accommodating a conductive terminal And a back card mechanism which is assembled on one of the two side edges of the insulating frame, wherein the ejector mechanism includes a drive shaft, a driven shaft, a drive shaft, and a drive shaft the driven sleeve, slide rod and an elastic member, wherein the drive shaft is provided with the interlocking arm and the driven shaft with a continuous ramp cooperate with each other in the axial direction ninety degrees, may be inserted into the memory card even the process of transition of the boom, so that the displacement of the driven shaft while continuously by the chute to the rotation of the driven shaft is positioned; a driven hub fixed to set memory card connector insulating housing, and the driven the sleeve is set, and both the concave-convex surface of the shaft is integrally fitted with each other, whereby the driven shaft can be stabilized transition rotation; the driven hub in a one hundred eighty degrees relative to each be provided with stop surfaces blocks, and the slider is a rotating arm is assembled on the drive shaft Near the stopper, after being assembled by an end portion of resist, the driven hub located at the top and having a stopper pushing storage.


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