Expansion Connectors Use Connector Core Areas To Enhance Competitiveness

In ancient times the connector is not, it is the product of modern science and technology development in our country often referred to as connectors for connection sockets, in their daily work and life, we can see it on a variety of machines and electronic products figure. It is mainly transmitted through current or electronic signals to achieve contact and communication between different devices.


With the rapid development of China's science and technology, a variety of electronic devices gradually into the daily life and work among the masses of the people, and the connector using more and more, the more common USB is one of the most common connection device. Domestic connectors more famous China Aviation Optical, Huawei and other companies producing the connector from the shape of the connector, the connector is generally circular, oval, rectangular, square, etc., which are becoming more and more personalized appearance and fashion is not only practical but also beautiful appearance, to some extent has become a symbol of urban white-collar status; range of use from the connector to divide, can be divided into low-frequency connectors, RF connectors, fiber optic connectors, etc. and so on, with the development and progress of science and technology, these connectors render the core parts of the slot design refinement, precision characteristics, the quality of the core parts of getting better.


From the trend of the future development of the connector, the connector mainly toward miniaturization, miniaturization, intelligence and convenience-oriented direction, which focus on miniaturization and miniaturized connectors high accuracy and precision, this type of connection It is involved in product design, technology, signal control technology; intelligent functions are mainly used for electrical connectivity products, focusing on electronic signal detection, ensure that the connection plug is able to correctly identify positive and negative, to avoid misuse or connector all kinds of electric shock, electric shock and other incidents occurred when the connection is not in place, the future of intelligent connector will achieve recognition, voice and other intelligent technologies, while the connector will become more flexible, to facilitate a variety of technology upgrades. No connectors, electric cars, there is no way to charge; no connector, the computer can not fulfill its function. As the core of all kinds of electronic connector products, the quality of the pros and cons, the normal use of technology level of electronic products will play a very key role.


Due to diverse social needs, all kinds of new electronic products emerging, new applications are emerging, one or several simple, fixed pattern connector has been difficult to adapt to the development of society, and therefore the connector in the pursuit of strong material , durable, reliable quality, but also have to market development and the general public demand, vigorously strengthen scientific research and innovation, and improve core technology competitiveness of their products, and continuously realizing connector miniaturization, intelligence and facilitation, and strive to achieve Inexpensive and easy to use light, while expanding the use in aerospace, military science and technology, so as to occupy a place in the future market development.



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