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Pin, row mother,Pin Header, board to board connector products and equipment as an indispensable accessory, purchase share in many product applications in the field of more than 8% of the total purchase cost. And compared with other key components, select a wider range of connector products, the greater their local procurement space, so it's not high barriers to entry.

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1. The threat of new entrants

The main barriers to entry exist in the product differentiation advantages, economies of scale, and sales channels, capital requirements, conversion costs, cost advantage and other aspects are no special requirements. But the vitality of the connector in the communications market and the railways, energy industry, machinery industry, high growth potential, are attracting more and more new entrants.


2. The threat of substitutes

Connector major alternatives are terminals. In the high-end market, the connector is not under threat of substitutes, which is mainly the connector itself evolved from the terminal wiring cable for convenience, fast error-free swap. In the low-end market, the larger connector threatened substitutes, when the buyer subject to cost pressures, will choose the general quality, low-cost terminals.


3. The bargaining power of buyers

The buyer is a connector products and equipment manufacturers, a high concentration buyer: the buyer to purchase products from the industry lies in its proportion of the total cost is about 10%; degree of standardization of the buyer to purchase from the industry are improving: the buyer's profit decreased ability; the buyer has the ability to post to integration; more transparent information on both sides; so all this makes the buyer's bargaining power is increasing.


4. The bargaining power of suppliers

Connector suppliers are aluminum, copper, silver, gold and other suppliers; engineering plastics and other raw materials suppliers. Seller industry concentration, higher standardization; buy trading volume is very large; degree of product differentiation is very small; the cost of converting a relatively small seller; forward integration is unlikely; information on both sides fairly transparent; total The seller's bargaining power is relatively low, existing enterprises still maintain a considerable profit space between the buyer and the seller.

Connector in our lives is the most common form of sockets, generally used to transmit signals or current. But it uses in high-tech fields more extensive.


Electronic connectors professional people usually contact very much a part. Its effect is actually very simple, the equivalent of our real-life bridge, play the role of connection. It has no fixed form, usually in a different environment it appears in various forms in front of us. But do not underestimate it, our life is inseparable from it everywhere. You can imagine no connectors life? Its role has a lot: We can make it mass-produced things easier; with it, the machine is out of order, maybe we can just change a small part, the machine can run again; With the continuous development of technology With it, we can easily replace those old, old parts; with it when we design new things, flexibility is also higher.


Future innovation direction of the connectors, are: in the case of the same effect, and how it is getting more and more sophisticated small; it spread faster and faster; how to make it more and more widespread use of the field; how to make it intelligent control; there is technical problems confidential.


Connector will be applied to more and more different areas. For example: the mobile phone market, which is one of the most important parts of the phone, in general, each phone will apply to more than one connector. With the increasing popularity of mobile phones and everyone will also have several mobile phones, its market space is huge. Auto market, is a bigger cake, each car must use the number of thousands, as the car in public, it would be very objective usage. Computer market, more and more types of computers, from the traditional desktop computers, notebooks and later to the current Tablet PC, Tablet PC and even one machine, we need to use it. Medical device market in the future will be more and more used to it. You will find our lives everywhere connector figure, and more and more. From the side of a simple USB to aerospace career in the use of the space shuttle are inseparable from it. So do not ignore any of our lives a humble thing, connectors give you a good explanation.



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