Memory card types and identification

In recent years, digital cameras, smart phone popularity to promote the rapid development of digital peripheral products, various types and specifications of memory cards continue to emerge, the market storage Cascada dozens of different brands, different capacities, different specifications. How do we buy? With the expansion of the market, counterfeit products also increase, how smart buyers trained pair of "eyes"? Memory cards are smart phones, digital cameras and peripheral products in a very important accessory.


It's nearly two years of development at an alarming rate, types are continuously enriched, the capacity of mainstream products continues to increase. In order to meet the requirements of smart phones, also appeared in a variety of small volume Mini memory card. But for consumers, but it increases the difficulty to buy.

 Also referred to as SD memory card, the volume Mini SD and SD's common will differ several times, very confusing at the time of purchase. Many people in the purchase of large-capacity memory card, find that they are not compatible with their smart phones or digital cameras. From this perspective, before buying, a clear understanding of various types of memory card information, parameters characteristic is very necessary. Memory Card Type Memory Card (more accurately called a flash memory card Flash Card) is the use of flash memory (Flash Memory) memory technology to store electronic information storage medium is a common digital cameras, handheld computers, MP3 and other small digital products. Depending on the specifications, memory card into SmartMedia (SM), Compact Flash (CF), MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (Memory Stick), XD-Picture Card (XD) and other types, although These memory cards look different specifications, different names, but the interior of the technical principles are relatively close.


    Smart Media (SM) card by Toshiba Corporation in November 1995 release of the memory card, Toshiba and Samsung are the main SM card vendors. Standard size SM cards is 37mm × 45mm × 0.76mm, SM card itself does not have control circuit, the integrated circuit is controlled within the host memory, its housing is made of plastic, the volume of SM card small, thin. Before 2002, it is widely used in digital products which, such as Olympus and Fuji digital cameras in the old use of the SM memory card. But because of the SM card control circuit integrated digital products which makes digital storage media products for compatibility subject to more restrictions, so less usage of such products, the current digital camera market, digital cameras and smart Few phone support SM memory card product.



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